Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just like I thought

Tomorrow I have been tentatively assigned morning airport standby. I will confirm my assignment in about 30 minutes. My attempts at bidding trips in other bases were lost. Oh well.

A buddy of mine who commutes was getting very frustrated trying to get home. He listed for 5 flights before getting the jumpseat. I was kinda shocked when he asked if revenue passengers get on before him. Of course they do! My mainline partner puts all paying passengers on before any non-revenue passengers. This includes revenue passengers who are trying to catch an earlier flight. This is really common as many business people book the first flight in the morning and the last flight home in the evening. They then finish work early and go standby to get home earlier. The last flight of the night ends up going out pretty empty when compared to originally planned. He finally got a jumpseat though.

Another reason why I will avoid commuting as much as possible.

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