Saturday, June 13, 2009

One turn left

Both landings yesterday sucked. I (for a reason I can't explain) flew 200 knots to 1 mile from the FAF on the first one. Clear day....thumper. Next one I had a 2 knot quartering tailwind. A little squirrely at 5 feet...thumper.

Something was in the air at the overnight. Both flight attendants and I are sniffling. I was ready to call in sick after reaching base. Feeling a little better. I had to hunt down a FAA approved sinus medication.

Two legs, one turn, left. Two hours there...supposed to be two and a half back. Did the same turn yesterday. Due to all the weather we had to take a scenic tour of the US and flew 3 1/2 hours to get to base. Saying it was a long day is putting it lightly. Flew 7 hours 55 minutes yesterday. Ugh.

Gotta run.

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