Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hmmm maybe it's time to switch headsets

When I started flying I bought a set of David Clark H10 13.4's. They were great. But I have a big head. After 2 hours in a hot 172 my head was ready to explode. I did a lot of research ( I research EVERYTHING I buy). I ended up buying a wonderful Telex Stratus 30XT. I loved that headset. I wanted to keep it...but it's not TSO approved. Booooo.

I did MORE research. I ended up buying a Telex 500 ANR. The headset is very good. I love it.

Before I bought it I did take a look at a product from UFlyMike. They make an adapter for use with the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones. My awesome wife bought me a set of Bose QC2's a few years ago. I truly love them. At the time I was looking for a head set the UFlyMike setup was NOT TSO approved. I didn't want to risk using a non-TSO approved headset at my airline.

Recently I flew with a Captain that had the UFlyMike setup. I asked if it was finally TSO approved and he indeed said it was. Nice. I just visited the website and am very interested again in the product. I think this might be something I will save up for/beg my wife for as it would be nice to  have a smaller headset to carry around.

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