Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow! No Airport Standby!

Bids closed for May today. I was betting money I would get good ol' airport standby. I didn't. The bids aren't final yet, but they rarely change. Right now I got a straight reserve line.

I actually wanted the afternoon airport standby line as it had Memorial Day weekend off! The line I was awarded has Tuesdays thru Thursdays off. I will play the swap game to see if I can get that weekend off.

So far this month I have flown a whole 7 hours in the cockpit. I have flown 15 hours as a passenger. Yeah. Slow month.


  1. I was just wondering what your airlines commuter guideline is. I know that a lot of pilots commute and was wondering what you exactly have to do.

  2. I am assuming that in the overall scheme of things, this is a good thing. Congrats. I am following your posts and empathize with your plight as well as those of a lot of junior personnel in various careers / industries throughout the country. Good luck!!!!


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