Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still counting the cards...but so far....displaced

A preliminary bid award came out. The premlinary bid award is what the airline thinks will happen after all the counting is done. This displacement has been run and all the statuses have been evaluated and recorded at least once. The preliminary bid award is displayed to allow the pilots and the airline to look for mistakes. They happen. We are human.

Right now I will be displaced. I was displaced by.....1 position. Three pilots above me proffered to displace or changed bases. If nothing else changed I would have kept my seat. There was one Captain who was displaced off a different status that came into my status. His one extra body pushed me out. Again it's preliminary.

Some pilots have worse displacement awards than me. I am lucky I will be able to stay in base. Other pilots will be displaced to bases hundreds of miles away.

What's next? Well the final bid award. After that happens the airline will put out an outline for training dates. That's when I will know when I will be taken off my current plane and onto the next one.


  1. if you are indeed displaced but get to stay in base, will you stay on jets or will you displace to the turboprop?

  2. Right now it will be a turboprop...but I am not holding my breathe.


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