Monday, April 27, 2009

One hell of a commute...but

I was browsing the web. Found a position for a 767 First Officer. I don't qualify yet (I only have 1400 hours), but maybe by the end of 2010/spring 2011. Just an idea. The pay is high and they have a commuting allowance! My wife is learning Japanese. The pay is high enough to maybe convince her to maybe let me go. Hmmm probably a 10% chance......maybe. Eh...

Air Japan B-767
First Officers

Crew Resources Worldwide is now accepting application from qualified First Officers for assignment to Air Japan. Air Japan operates a fleet of passenger B767's from the crew base in Narita, Japan. Passenger routes are from Narita to Hong Kong, China and Honolulu with expanding route structure planned as Air Japan acquires more aircraft and pilots. Candidates planning to commute should give serious consideration as to how they will commute from their home country to Japan during the five year contract.

Minimum Requirements
(not waivable)

First Officers: Total Flight Time in excess of 3,000 hours

Commercial Jet Time in excess of 1, 000 hours

250 hrs. PIC; 100 hrs. PIC Cross Country; 200 hrs. Cross Country;

100 hrs. Night Flight; 75 hrs. Instrument Flight; Required.


ICAO Level 4 English

Valid Jet Aircraft Command Rating on the ATPL

Valid ICAO Class 1 Medical

Monthly Base Salary

Supplemental Pay*


Experience Pay**

Commuting Air***

Commuting Accommodation


Fixed Per Diem

Total Package










First Year










Second Year










Third Year










Fourth Year










Fifth Year











Pension Plan USD $550/month after completion of training. Voluntary 401K plan available.

*Supplemental Pay

USD $550 will be paid during training only. USD $50 once training has been completed.

** Experience Pay

Effective August 2008, additional compensation to recognize  years of service. Guaranteed for 3 years and subject to review in 3 years.

***Commuting Allowance

USD $2,000 per month or Option of having Business Class (subject to availability)

Accommodation Allowance

USD $550 per month.

Per Diem

$44/nt while in training; $976/month there after

Contract Completion Bonus

CAPT: USD $30,000; F/O: USD $18,000 based on a 5 years of completed service.

Days Off

10 free duty; min. 8 consecutive days off and 20/21 operations days per month.


24 days per year. Allocated in 2 equal periods per year.

Sick Leave

Accrue 1 day per 2 months, 12 days max per year.

Health Insurance

International Medical Insurance through Aetna Global for the Crew and the eligible dependents. HCF and Overseas Insurance for Australian Citizens.

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance 2x annual salary up to $300,000

Travel Benefits

ZED travel available on Star Alliance Carriers and ANA Group for the Crew and the eligible dependents after 6 months of service.


  1. Wow! That sounds it just a coincidence that your wife is studying Japanese? Hmmm? Maybe meant to be: ) Good Luck!

  2. Not wanting to appear as a paid shill ... I'm not .. although JAL is by far my favorite trans-Pacific airline ... there are anumber of pilots in the US who ought to look very hard at this.

    For perspective, I am a non-professional US pilot with more than 50 years in some aspect or another of the aviation business. US born and bred, I am retired now and happily make my home in the Philippines. I've lived nearly 10 years in one Asaian country or another and enjoy the lifestyle. I particularly enjoyed my years in Tokyo, Japanese corporations treat employees, as a rule, significantly better than US corporations, no matter what their field of endeavor. JAL has always had a significant percentage of non-Japanese aircrew ... some of you who follow the aviation press may remember John Deakin, long time aviation columnist, author and now a principal in John is a retired 40K hour airline pilot who spent a lot of his career with JAL.

    While the US and Canada seem to suffer one round of furloughs after another, airlines in Asia and Australia are going concerns, and as the JAL ad shows, they tend not to treat pilots as just ramp rats with better uniforms. Here in the Philippines ab initio flight training is booming ... every flight school is packed and a number have started just within the past year. (seems to be a significant demand for CFI's too, BTW). Most Asian countries are quite open to ICAO certificate reciprocity, so US "tickets" are typically good at face value or easily endorsed with additional country ratings.

    My point? Everyone rightfully thinks of their own country first, but especially for the younger pilot corps, it's probably a good time to explore 'outside' the USA possibilities as well. Anyone who thinks JAL's salary/benefits package is good ought to take a look at what Emirates Air pilots get ... uit takes me back to my boyhood when I used to look up in awe at real airline captains.

  3. I've read some articles about this. I can only credit my source to Wall Streat Journal.

    One guy they had quoted started for some company as F/o 737s, then after 4 years, he was able to upgraded to F/o 747 or 737 captain. His pay was around 80k 90k as a First Officer.


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