Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The pot is your cards

The game of poker continues. Last night at 11PM all bids were locked. This morning an email was sent out with the names and employee numbers of all pilots who want to "Proffer to Displace".

There weren't very many so I took some time to compare names/employee numbers to those in my status. After double checking I found 5 pilots in my status who are choosing to proffer to displace. What does this mean. Well for this round of poker my seat it safe. The bottom 3 pilots (including me) are being displaced out of my status. The pilots who are proffering to displace are allowed to use my seniority for a new status. Thus if I can hold ERJ First Officer over in Gulfport, MS and one of those 5 pilots have that status in their displacement bids, they get the new status. The same goes if I can hold EMB-120 First Officer in Sacramento, CA or CRJ First Officer in Albany, OR. The pilots who are proffering to displace out of my status are mid seniority in my status. They are likely wanting to move to a new status where they can have greater seniority and better QOL.

What's next? Well after the proffers to displace bids are counted and recorded, the real displacing starts. I could (and likely will) be displaced. It's very confusing and can be stressful. The final results are due next Wednesday. A preliminary result list might be out before that. Many pilots junior to me have been displaced to three different cities in their first year!

Right now I am reading a really interesting book about Braniff airlines. The book is titled Splash of Colors: The Self-Destruction of Braniff International . I really like airline history and this book is a great record of part of it. Toward the end of the airline the book mentioned how FAMILIES moved 3 times in 3 years as the employee working for Braniff was displaced around the country. My airline contract requires the airline to pay for any move as the result of a displacement. I know a few pilots who have taken them up on the offer. If I were single and living in an apartment I might move. Being in a house with a wife....moving is not an option.

I had airport standby on Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought for sure I would fly somewhere. Nope. Today I have a RAP (where I have to hang around the city and be at the airport within 2 hours of being called) from 10AM till 11:59PM. I had this same RAP last Thursday.

As long as the weather holds up I will head up to New York tomorrow for the New York auto show.

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