Thursday, July 30, 2009

The A380 has arrived at Oshkosh

So far (knocking on wood), I have never landed this hard. The true forces involved can be seen in the wing flex after landing. Wow.


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  1. I realize it was a hard landing, the crab angle wasn't removed with very much finesse, etc., so it looks pretty ugly. But isn't this a pretty short runway for the A380 at only 8000 feet? Isn't a "positive" landing normally desired for a short runway, so you don't use up runway length in an overly long flare? It'd be interesting to see official "short-field" procedures for the 380...

    I'd think the A380's wings are built to take a lot of flex in thunderstorms, etc... I'm of course not qualified to say if it's out of limits or not, but I don't see what the huge concern is about. Can you explain?


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