Sunday, July 5, 2009

My month starts today

My July starts today. Today is my first day of afternoon airport standby. I sit standby Sunday thru Tuesday each week. On Wednesday I have reserve. I then get Thursday thru Saturday off. Fun.

My wife and I had a great time in California. AT&T park was very nice and the garlic fries were amazing.

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Getting there was was getting back yesterday.

We discussed our options for getting home. There was a red eye flight we could try. The flight was booked pretty full with only 8 empty seats (all in First Class) while coach was overbooked by 5. There were a 6AM flight with 8 open seats and a 7AM flight with 12 open seats. We also discussed simply going to a hotel and getting a morning flight. But why waste the money?

We decided to go for the red eye! We arrived at the gate and had 4 hours to waste. The gate area was very cold. My wife was freezing. I had my nice warm Macbook Pro to keep me warm. Normally my wife brings a jacket along.....not this trip. After an hour she broke down and bought a  sweatshirt.

I kept an eye on the load for the red eye. About an hour out First Class only had 4 empty seats (coach passengers were upgrading). Coach had over 20 empty seats. A lot of people were going to miss the flight.

Thirty minutes to midnight we were sitting in First class aisle seats across from each other. My wife was asleep as soon as the main cabin door closed and didn't wake up until we landed, 3 hours later. I was awake for most of the flight. I had a night cap and a cookie to put me to bed. I think I slept for an hour.

The flight crew had an interesting schedule. All they did was fly a 10PM flight out to California and then one flight back. That's it. They were all on the employee bus with us after the flight. This would be ideal if we had kids a kid. I could put the kid to bed, fly a trip and still be home when the kid woke up. Hmmmmm.

We landed at 5:20AM. By 5:45AM we were in my car driving home. We went to bed at 6:10AM and woke up around noon. I checked the morning California flights. The 6AM flight cancelled! No employee non-revs left on the first 3 flights and would likely not leave at all! Good thing we took the red eye. I left for work at 1:15PM. I am now sitting airport standby till 10PM.

The weekend was very nice.

Side note...gotta stop cutting and pasting between all of my blogs. Too many *clues* slip by. Doh!

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