Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Very boring week

I've watched a lot of movies this week. Sitting airport standby (ready reserve) allows that. The good thing is I have been home every night. Good and bad I guess. Bad because I don't make as much per diem when I stay in base. Right now I have more of a "regular" job. I go in for 8 hours...then come home.

Bids close tomorrow as I have that to look forward too.

I'm glad I live in base. If I were a commuter I would be bleeding money as I would be paying for a hotel every night. Most people in my situation who commute would end up buying crashpad as it would be cheaper overall.

I have one shift of ready reserve today and then I should have reserve at home tomorrow.

Saturday I go to Vegas to celebrate my 32nd birthday and my 4 year wedding anniversary.

Feel free to fire questions my way.


  1. Do you still get paid reasonably with per diem if you don't fly all week? obviously not as much as flight time but curious to know if its still worth while pay.

  2. I get a whole $14 a day on per diem. Not great...but decent. A more detailed explanation is here:


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