Thursday, March 19, 2009

Made it

The deadhead flight was fine. The flight was on an ERJ. I haven't deadheaded on one in a while. The Captain and I both had seats in the 'C' seats. We sat where we thought the 'C' side was. Wrong. Passengers corrected us. When I found my correct seat I was at the window next to a lady with a large lap child. Hmm not fun. I excused myself and moved to the back of the plane and waited. I knew the flight wasn't full. After I saw the gate agent on board I picked a seat toward the back. I had a row to myself.


I had plenty of items to keep me occupied since I bring plenty during my airport standby sits.


Maxim, Zune, Laptop and my cell phone (which was charging)

Colorado is a very pretty state when it's not snowing. I did stare out the window for a bit.


When we arrived the Captain and I were shocked to see a shuttle van waiting just for us. We thought for sure we would have to call around for a ride. We were quickly taken away for the 1 1/2 hour drive to a hotel near the airport where our plane was. We passed the airport on the way to the hotel. The plane was the only one on the ramp.

When we walked into the hotel several passengers asked if we were the crew that was flying them tomorrow. We said we were. They were very happy to see us. We thought they would be in a bad mood. Nope. They just wanted to get home safely. A little comedy happened when I told them I was the First Officer and the woman next to me was the Captain. They assumed me being a male I was the Captain. The Captain has a good sense of humor, she has a sticker on her kit bag "Woman can fly too!"

As is we leave at 8AM. We should be back in base by 11AM. Hopefully we will be released as we are both off Saturday and I have plans to go to Vegas.

One good thing about this trip....the hotel. It's a Holiday Inn of my favorite hotels.


  1. Flight 8XXX? If so I watched tracked you on flightaware. Sounds like a fun trip.


  2. That was it (I had to take out the flight number). Trip was fun...and interesting. I will have a write up this afternoon/evening.

  3. Oh, sorry about that! Is that a regular destination?


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