Sunday, March 8, 2009

I get to go fly

I left home today without my book. I read books from time to time. Right now it's a book on blackjack strategy. Once I realized this I knew I would get a flight today...just the way it works.

After signing in I made my way to my secret airport relaxation spot and began watching Seinfeld. I bought the entire Seinfeld series on DVD recently....I love this show. While watching the show I began checking on flights. Sure enough an Ohio overnight opened up. Doh! Within 3 minutes my phone rang.

Most of our crew schedulers are really nice people with a really undesireable job. Sometimes I like to play with them. I answered the phone, "This is First Officer Byrd, can I please go to Ohio?" The line was silent for a few seconds. The scheduler chuckled then said they would be happy to let me go to Ohio for the night.

Once done I checked the weather. Thunderstorms and rain. Good times. Seeing as I haven't flown in 3 weeks or shot an approach in a month....this should be fun!

I looked at the schedule further and realized it's a short overnight...9 hours. That's 9 hours from 15 minutes after we land until we are scheduled to push off the gate again. Once the trip to and from the hotel is figured in (15 minutes each way), Checking in and out of the hotel (10 minutes total) and the fact that we have to be at the airport 45 minutes prior to departure, that leaves about 7 hours of time to sleep.  Good times. At least there is no snow.

Once I get back tomorrow morning I should be released for the rest of the day.

Still beats both sitting in a cubicle AND sitting around the airport.

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