Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The mighty Q400

My wife is flying up to Washington state tonight to testify. She is a Level III DNA Forensic Analyst and travels about once a month to testify in court about the DNA results.

Tonight is her first time on a Bombardier Q400. I am jealous. I really like that plane. When she got to the airport I was bombarding her phone with text messages asking about the plane. I had heard they have no sunshades on the windows in the passenger cabin. I thought for sure I heard wrong. Nope. No sunshades.


She was kind enough to snap a photo with her camera phone and send it to me.


Maybe one day I will get a chance to fly a turbo-prop.


  1. Just curious... why would flying s turbo-prop be better than flying a jet? After all a jet gets to fly over bad weather so have a better flight experience.. plus i guess a jet is more equipped to fly into icing and other harsh weather... so u get the added safety to fly them... what would be the advantage for a pilot to fly a TP over a jet? ( i know airlines love TPs because of their efficiency over jets)

  2. re:sunshades oh thats very odd.. i mean how did the designers expect passengers to travel on a sunny day getting baked for hours on long flights???

  3. Flying a turbo-prop is kind of a rite of passage. One of those things pilots should just 'do'. Also it would be nice to fly down low and slow again. True flying through all that weather would suck, but what doesn't kill you makes you a better pilot.


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