Thursday, March 19, 2009

And I said it would be a boring week!

I was relaxing watching Seinfeld...doing my airport standby routine. I checked the flights. Everything was covered. I checked my schedule...and then my jaw dropped.

The originally had me deadheading to Colorado on my mainline partner airline and then deadheading again on another airline. Why? Well one of our CRJs is stuck in Colorado. We only have one flight in and out per day. They need a crew to fly it out. I gathered my things and made my way to the crew room.

Once I arrived I met up with the Captain.  I have flown with her a few times. We checked out schedules again. Now we were back on airport standby. Hmm.

The first plan was scrapped. The new plan was to deadhead to Colorado, rent a car and DRIVE to this other city, overnight and fly out in the morning. Hmmm....okay. Think we need a new checklist for that. Ha!

Then that plan was scrapped.

I got dinner.

The new plan is to deadhead to Colorado and take a TAXI to this other city. Not sure why they canned the car rental idea...would have been much cheaper. Oh well...I don't pay the bills or make the decisions.

This should be interesting. I will take photos if I can.

So much for boring.

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