Friday, November 27, 2009

Working on holidays

So far I have had every Thanksgiving with my wife. Luck really. I've been on reserve Thanksgiving this year and last year. Never was called to fly.

I am on airport reserve on Christmas this year. Eh.

Seems like there will be some movement for me seniority wise soon. There was an announcement of additional flying recently which spurred some upgrades and additional positions.

Right now I am the bottom guy. There will soon be 10 more slots open for my position. I am hopping all those 10 will be junior to me. That combined with Captain positions could me people above me leaving as well. I will find out in a few weeks.

Hoping for the best.


  1. How would people just joining be more senior?

  2. Other First Officers can bid into my base. So a First Officer in another base who is senior to me can bid into my base if we wanted to change bases. They can push me out, but they can all come in above me and keep me at the bottom.


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