Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being sick and a pilot

Back when I was a mere mortal I would go to the Doctor, take what ever test/prescriptions he wanted and wait to get better. Since I started flying I've had to be much more proactive.

Now each time I get sick I research what I think I have and possible drugs/treatments. I then go to the Doctor. Each time I advise that I'm a pilot and that I have to be careful what I take. Most of the time the Doctor takes the time and makes sure the drugs/treatments are FAA approved. Every now and then they state it's safe, then I check and it's not. Always double check.

This happened yesterday. I am finally getting over a cold/flu (I got the flu shot 2 months ago....yeah). I've had a cough for a few days. My first visit was to a non-urgent care center. The RN prescribed Benzonatate. I asked if it caused drowsiness/nausea. She assured me it didn't. Once I got the bottle sure enough it has three stickers referencing drowsiness/nausea/heavy machinery. No go.

Today I went to my regular (non-FAA) Doctor. Yadda, yadda, yadda they have no idea why I have a cough. I had a chest xray which came up with nothing. I was given a script for a mega-dosage of an anti-biotic (FAA approved) and sent on my way. Hopefully this does the trick.

I am keeping a log of all of my Doctor visits. I'm required to report them on my yearly flight physical. No biggie.

I called in sick today. I am feeling better now. I was assigned a two day trip tomorrow. This is a horrible trip for over time, but good for reserve.

My flight leaves tomorrow at 12:00PM. It's one leg to the overnight. The return flight leaves the outstation at 5:45AM Thursday (hotel van leaves at 4:45AM!) and I should hopefully be done at 7AM.

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