Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rumors....take them with a grain of salt

From the day I started at my airline I have been enjoying the craft that is the rumor.

Pilots, for the most part, gossip. Rarely a day goes by that a rumor isn't overheard or told to me. Some start with, "I heard from a gate agent in Newark that we are going to be flying non-stop to New Orleans," or "Did you see that they are painting new lead in lines for XXX aircraft. That means we are getting them."

Airline employees are sometimes the last people in the chain to "know" something. Sometimes I find out new information about my airline from CNN or Reuters.

Lately lots of rumors are going around about the shifting of flying from one base to another or from our airline to another regional carrier. I can't think of any major airline that depends on just one regional carrier.

Delta used to use Comair as their primary regional carrier until Comair went on strike in 2001 costing Delta millions. For 89 days Delta had to scramble to cover flights. Most were cancelled. Including yours truly. Not good. Since then Delta has taken on many regional carriers. They shift flying almost at will.

This morning I had reserve at home....2 hour call out. I was called at 7:40AM for a 9:40AM report for airport reserve. While on the bus I discussed the shifting of flying with a Captain who was called in for the same assignment. He seems to think that the flying won't be shifted. His reasons make sense. Hope it holds true as if the flying is shifted my seniority might not be able to allow me to be based here anymore.

Each time I get frustrated with being so junior I think about all my friends who are commuters. Some by choice some forced by seniority. Either way they commute. So far I have enjoyed 2 years of living in base. The pilot who was one junior to me has been commuting for 11 months. Things could always be worse.

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