Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heading to training

Nice two day trip. Got off to a rocky start though. When I walked onto the first aircraft, two mechanics were in the cockpit. They turned around and said, "I wouldn't even bother putting your bags down," meaning the plane is broken...bad. Thankfully the delay was minimal. We left 20 minutes late, but arrived on time thanks to the Captain flying a little fast.

The hotel was my favorite...due to an awesome breakfast. I did find something new to like...powered USB ports. I left my netbook charger at home. Thankfully the hotel has powered USB ports. Plugged my phone in....problem solved.

On the second day there were 3 legs. Two were mine. Once again on the second landing I was high. Not so high that the final approach controller came on the line, but the glideslope was barely visible. All turned out okay.

Today I head in for recurrent ground training. I start today at noon...finish sometime late tonight. I think I start at 8AM and finish at 5PM Thursday and Friday.

I got a nice $3 an hour pay raise last week. This brings me up to $37 an hour. This translates into about $33,000 a year before taxes and per diem. Not a lot of money. This is substantially less than I earned before I started flying. I've said it many times, but without my wife none of this would be possible.

I am going to have to force myself to update my logbook next week. I use Logbook Pro. Love it. I also bought the Airline Pilot Daily Logbook so that I could update it on the fly. Never really did that. I haven't updated my hours since July. My airline tracks my flight time for me. They show I have 990 hours of flight time at the airline and 1540 hours total time. I know I have a few more hours as their starting time for me is what I had when I interviewed.

Using Windows 7. Bought two copies of Windows 7 Home Premium. I find myself using Windows 7 almost as much as Mac OS X.

Posting has been infrequent lately due to my vacation (loved it) and now training. Should be back to normal sometime next week.

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