Monday, May 19, 2014

The games management plays

Just read an email from my company that shows just how childish and disrespectful grown adults can be.

Over a month ago the pilots of my airline said NO to working for less money. We are already operating under a concessionary contract. We refuse to work for less while the airline is profitable. Very profitable. They wanted cuts because OTHER regionals are willing to work for less.

Since then they seem to be taking pride making us feel bad for having pride. Lots of little things. Tomorrow is a medium thing.

The email stated a brand new aircraft we COULD have been flying if we had voted in concessions will be only display at our largest base...right next to the runway most of us use for departures.

The aircraft in question is flown by another regional. This regional voted in concessions. The big kicker is....THIS REGIONAL HAS NEVER SERVED my base. They are flying this aircraft in just to display it in a secure area away from the public...but in full view of all other aircraft.

Childish mind games.


  1. Really??? You have got to be kidding me... The company is very profitable I wouldnt take a cut either just cause some other company did... They dont pay you guys enough as it is!!! And that email... Please... Grow up!

  2. While you are at it, I would like to hear you view on the seniority system in the airline industry. In other industries the good are promoted and the bad are dismissed. You can discuss the criteria but seniority system seems to enslave you as you will have to start over in a new company. Also, in my opinion, your shot at captaincy should be based on qualifications rather on how long you have served in this specific airline.

    But I sense that the pilots are in favour of the seniority system, or?

  3. These people that write on YOUR blog need to get off their soap boxes and get a life! Keep doing what your doing. Everyone has a life outside work and there's nothing wrong with living it. I'd take that person's seat on your plane anyday.

  4. What the hell.. Are we reading two different blogs?? I agree with Carrie.. I would fly on your plane ANY day... Whatever seat you were in, whatever weather was in front of us.. ANY TIME and ANY DAY... As we say "To hell and back brother, to hell and back!"


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