Friday, May 23, 2014

Nonrev games

Our flights to Hawaii looked great. Both were nice and open. Boarded on time in a row together. Delayed. A passenger broke a lens covering for an emergency exit sign. Delayed.

An hour later we pushed.

Missed our first connection.

Made the next but I "had" to ride in First Class while my family rode in coach. My daughter is too young for First Class for non-rev.

It was all worth it.

Good morning from Maui.




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  1. All's well that ends well. Non-rev connections have their risks. Experienced non-rev flyers (such as yourself) and with the access and knowledge to access load data are usually able to do very well. With today's substantially higher load factors, the 'dump' risk is higher and the more seats that one requests, the higher the risk. It is a game of statistics and odds - and if one plays, one has to accept the risks.
    In my (long departed) non-rev days, I usually won, yet did watch more than one airplane close and push without me. Again, as you certainly understand, the bright non-rev flyer always has plans B, C and even D, if the risks so demand. In your current case, the 'slit seating' may have been an inconvenience, but I don't think that it destroyed your long weekend getaway with your family. You and Mrs. Geek understand the risks and I just know that you always have a backup plan.
    A short vacation is one thing. The folks that really have my empathy are those who are +/- forced to commute to work, in non-rev status, in an effort to maintain some sense of stability and QOL at home. Already living at or near your base has a short ton of benefits for your entire family. You are fortunate... One of these days you may be forced to choose between a timely upgrade to seat 0A with a commute, or standing-pat a bit longer, enjoying increased seniority, an even more stable schedule and more of that wispy, hardly understood QOL business. When the time comes, only you (and Mrs. Geek) can make the right choices. Increased salary vs. commuting and probably increased daycare expenses. Significant career advancement vs. sitting on reserve in a foreign place for a while. The warranted prestige (OK, let's call it ego) vs. that valuable time at home. You might get lucky and enjoy a relatively short lock-in period, before you can revise your plans. I certainly do not envy your having to make those choices and I darn sure do not know what is 'best,' for you and your family. What I do know is that you seem to be a very sharp fellow, have a well established set of personal values and can figure it out. Tough choices - and best regards, -C.


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