Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Former Student watching me fly

Day 3 of a 4 day. My overnight last night cancelled so I got to sleep in my own bed.

My wife took advantage of me being home and left for work early. She has a flexible schedule and can just about set her own hours.

This morning I ate  breakfast with my daughter. Funny thing happened though. While sipping my coffee and watching Robin Meade the channel suddenly changed to Bubble Guppies. I looked over at my daughter who had a big smile on her face. My three year old daughter used her Ipad to change the TV from Headline News to a DVR recording of Bubble Guppies. I was proud and confused as I don't know how to do that. I was a little annoyed as I like watching Headline News in the morning. Bubble Guppies stayed on and I told her "Well played". She didn't get it.

I helped my wife out by dropping her dog (I have computers...she has dogs) off at the Doctor for a teeth cleaning at 7:30 AM. I then dropped off my daughter at daycare at 7:50 AM. By 8:35 AM I was preflighting my aircraft for a flight to Cedar Rapids.

Captains leg up. Routine flight.

I went up to the terminal to stretch my legs between flights. I saw a former student (whom also works at my airline), standing in the boarding line.

He got stuck last night due to the weather. He was deadheading and was hoping to exchange his jump seat pass for a regular seat as there was a Fedex pilot trying to jump seat.

I shook both their hands and hoped they would both be on board.

It wasn't going to happen. The Fedex guy was left behind as the cabin was full of paying passengers.

My former student is crazy tall, a good 6 foot 5. I joked about him folding himself into the jumpseat.

It was a little odd having someone I know...a former student at that, watching me fly.

Once in cruise we talked about cars (I'm still eyeing a BMW I3....any BMW salesmen reading this?), computers, traveling and of course the state of our careers.

I mentioned how two friends of mine got hired by Jetblue and Delta recently. They are 31 and 28 respectively. The Delta hire will be #2 in seniority when he retires. Amazing.

Tomorrow is a quick three legs. After I'm done I go in for my yearly medical.

My switch to being vegetarian (with heavy vegan influences...basically I eat cheese if it's already on an item), exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices has dropped my weight almost 30 pounds from last year. Should be a non-event.

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  1. HA HA.. That was great! She played that well.. Just wait next time she will do it and when you go to change the channel she will have taken the batteries out of your remote! :)


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