Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Apple's fault

I had a nice long blog post about my last four day. All typed up using a bluetooth keyboard and my Ipad. Then for whatever reason the app crashed...there is no autosave on the app. Blog lost. Blame Apple. Well maybe the Wordpress app.

I might rewrite it. Eh.

Right now I'm on day 2 of a 3 day. I traded into it in order to get Christmas off. It worked but I lost some hours.

My original trip was a 20 hour 3 day. The new trip is a 9 hour 3 day. Ouch right? Well I added on 4 legs on day 3 to bring it up to 17 hours. Not too bad.

For January I preferenced 3 day trips starting on Saturdays. I got exactly that. I wanted to work Saturdays to maximize my vacation. Next month I will preference partial weekends off.

The line I was awarded is worth 83 hours with 18 days off! Since I have vacation I have 21 days off. Not too shabby.

I am almost up to 100 hours in the new plane. I'm getting more comfortable. Still working on the landings. Everything else is fine.

Again the lack of a post over the last few days is all Apple's fault. Well I guess I could carry a to blame someone else.

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