Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 days off

Finished my 4 day. Nothing terribly exciting...just lots of ups and downs. Only one mechanical issue. Last leg at an out station, a seat in front of the exit row reclined...and it's not supposed to.

My cabin crew didn't find this out until we got to the outstation. No one sat in those seats on the way out.

Twenty minute delay while the Captain filled out paperwork (I of course helped out by looking up MEL numbers and such). Blocked in base just 5 minutes late. Not too shabby.

Due to all of my trip trading I'm only off 2 days before my next 4 day. Originally I was off 3.

My next 4 day was supposed to go through the base I used to commute to. I was really dreading it as I had a 3 plus hour sit. Bleh.

I traded it away for a different 4 day trip. It starts later in the day so I have most of Wednesday off. The negative is it ends with an international turn. This means I have to clear customs before I can go home. Bleh.

After the next 4 day I have 2 days off before an easy 3 day trip. Then I have a lot of time off.

Very happy with my Bose A20 headset. Pretty sure they are a keeper. Over 40 hours of flight time so far on the original batteries.

Walked into my hotel room on the last trip...I liked the lighting...so here ya go.


  1. Hey so I am interested in becoming a pilot also, my wife thinks it would be cool if your wife did a blog from a pilot wife's perspective.  Love the blog by the way, my wife thinks I am crazy for checking your blog everyday lol

  2. Thanks, but my wife has zero interesting in blogging. She had a blog for a while and just got bored with it. Tech isn't her thing.

  3. Hey so I used to be in the Navy and my wife didn't deal with it very well, is it very stressful being gone alot


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