Friday, December 9, 2011

I'll take that 4 day and make it 3

Today was supposed to be day 2 of a 4 day. Because of a 30 in 7 conflict my first day (just one leg to the overnight) was removed.

Day 2 was supposed to be one leg back to base then one leg to the overnight again. I joined the trip leg to the overnight.

I met the Captain at the gate. I flew with him 2 years ago on a different plane.

I'd been to the outstation before, but only on turns. The hotel is a 50 yard walk from the terminal.

Being a TRUE airport hotel...not a lot of food options.

The hotel is a Hilton. Very nice, but expensive for food options.

I walked back to the airport to scout for food. Nothing outside security. I asked a TSA agent if I could go through security and get dinner. My crew ID was in my pocket. No problem. Kinda.

The security line was short, but they were sending everyone through the "nudie" machine. I get enough radiation flying at FL370, I don't need anymore.

When it was my turn I stated I was opting out. The agent seemed confused and stated I would get a pat down. Fine with me.

They pointed me to the "public" screening area. No dice. I requested a private screening. If they are going to play these games might as well go all the way.

Private pat down done I grabbed dinner. Done.

Tomorrow is a 4 leg day. Sunday is just 3 legs.

After that I'm off for 2 whole days. My own doing as I trip traded a lot.

My next trip starts in my base but flies through another base that I used to commute to. I'm seriously debating trading that trip. I really hate the other base/airport. After that 4 day I'm off for 2 whole days and then start a 3 day. Once done with that 3 day I'm off for 9 days....which includes Christmas.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas with my family. It's my daughters first "real" Christmas as she was just 4 months old last year. I've already purchased way too many toys for her. I was spoiled by my parents, only passing it along.

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