Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 3

Today is day 3 of a 4 day. Just one leg whole 2 hour twenty five minute leg. This is followed by an 11 hour overnight then two legs tomorrow...then home.

My Captain is interesting.

On the first leg I was on the flight deck early. When he arrived he said his name and said, "Unlike most guys around here I do everything strictly by the book."

I learned a long time ago that when a guy says that.....well let's just say no one does everything strictly by the book..but guys who say it...are likely farther from it.

I took the first two legs. Gusty approach. Squirrelly landing. Next one was better. After the mains touched I watched several small birds fly under the plane. Thought for sure I just made roasted bird. Post flight inspection found no guts. Bleh.

He took the hotel leg. Flew fast. Arrived early. Crappy hotel. Long drive and not much around it.

Day two was the longest. Four legs. First leg was 3 hours long blocked. Got a nice view of the fires over Arizona. I published a few on my twitter feed.

After landing we had a quick turn for a 98 nautical mile flight. My leg. Weather wasn't horrible at the next airport, but it required an approach.

Due to terrain there was no ILS...just a localizer with step downs. I haven't flown a localizer only approach last SIM in January. Before that it was my pervious SIM.

Broke out 200 feet above mins. Takeoff to landing was 19 minutes. Another quick turn. Slowed down by wheel chairs though. Several elderly people needed assistance. My leg out.

After back at the HUB we had a two hour break. We were scheduled to keep the same plane. I left my stuff on the flight deck. Everyone else packed up fearing a plane swap. I left a note on the yoke, "If you need to move my stuff call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX", then left to find food.

I decided to eat dinner in the cabin. It was quiet and cool. Ninety minutes later the crew was back and boarding began.

Tomorrow I get back in my base at 6:15PM. I have 3 flights to get home. My next trip starts at 6:00AM Monday. I couldn't trade it away and will have to commute up Sunday night. Eh.

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