Friday, June 3, 2011

Bringing work home

I have a room in my house just for me. It's a nice set up. I have an Xbox 360, 42 inch plasma on the wall, nice surround sound, a decent gaming rig connected to the TV (Mostly play FS2004!) and more. Since my daughter was born I haven't gone in there much.

There was a huge very nice leather sectional couch in there. Took up a lot of room. Didn't need it in there.

Yesterday a pilot friend of mine posted that he bought a set of used airline seats off craigslist for a steal. I wanted them. I put the sectional on Craigslist and had it sold in an hour. Today I rented a truck (as sometimes a Prius won't cut it!) and bought some seats of my own.


My wife gave me "the look" while I bought them, on the way home and as she helped me carry them into my room. She doesn't get it. Tis okay.

Now I won't say I will be in my man cave more often, but when I do....well I think it's cool.


  1. Matthias K√ľnnethJune 4, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Do you fly online with your FS2004? If yes probably we see us in virtual skys

  2. Even though I'm a geek, I've never played FS online....too complicated....ha.

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