Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to work

I've enjoyed six days of not working. Lots of family time. We all non-rev'd to see my dad. Interesting experience with TSA.

On the first TSA screening the agents tested my daughters baby bottles for bomb making materials and I was able to wear my belt. On the second screening the agents didn't touch the backpack with the baby bottles (all filled with 4 ounces of water like before) and I had to take my belt off. I was wearing my crew ID both times. I asked the supervisor at the first airport about the inconsistencies we experience with TSA screening and our daughter. The supervisor stated we should get the same treatment at all airports. Bleh. Not true. If I had bee

Tomorrow it's back to work.

My original line for this month started at 6AM on Mondays and finished at 12:10PM on Thursdays. Only commutable on the back end, but I had weekends off.

I trip traded a bunch. I only do one of my original trips.

I traded into a trip starting tomorrow that is commutable on both ends. I start at 3PM Tuesday and finish at 6PM on Friday. I have 5 flights to get there and 4 to get home. Should be easy.

The trip is concidentally the same trip I did as my line in April. Not too bad. It's a 3-4-1-2 trip. Having just one leg on day three is kind of a waste. Get all dressed up for one whole leg.

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