Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last month of the year

Today is the start of my last month of flying for the year. Also the first day of a full month of TDY.

My line started today with a 6:15 AM departure. Since my contract states my company can only deadhead me to my TDY on a working day, I couldn't do my first turn.

Scheduling pulled me off of my turn this morning and deadheaded me to my TDY base (I even scored First Class). The contract states that any flying that I am pulled from for a contractual or legality basis, I be paid for. This is going to be a great month for me pay wise.

My line value is 76 hours. I picked up an additional 17 hours of overtime flying. So, as long as I show up I get paid for 95 hours minimum.

I'll start with the overtime.

I picked up a 6 hour trip last week on the 30th that finished on the 1st. The pay would be split between the two months. It was one leg to the overnight (1 hour). one leg to an outstation (3 hours) and a deadhead back to base (3 hours but paid at 75%). One hour for September, five for October.

On the 28th scheduling decided to use a different aircraft type for the first leg and put me on the flight as a deadhead. Then on the 29th they downgraded the second leg...and put me on as a deadhead. Suddenly the entire trip was a deadhead. Hmmm. The night of the 29th I got a voicemail stating they pulled me from the flight. I just got paid for 6 hours of flight that I didn't have too do.

My next 12 hours of OT comes up on the 15th. It's an easy 3 day trip including an international overnight.

I have 17 days off this month per my line. After all of my OT I still have 14 days off.

For the majority of my line I do the same trip. My flight departs at 6:10AM and returns at 12:25PM. Only on October 31st is there something different.

On the 31st I have a late evening turn that doesn't get back until 9PM. My TDY is thru Oct 31st meaning my airline has to give a good effort to get me home in October. This is especially true as I start FMLA on November 1st.

Becuase that last turn gets back AFTER the last flight back to my domicile, I was pulled from that turn....but will still be paid for it.

After all the math is done I am scheduled to fly 78 hours but will be paid for 95 hours. Not too shabby.

I did better in September kinda. I only fly 7 hours (second lowest of all time!) but was paid for 75 hours.

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