Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home for a bit

Finished my turn yesterday. We were 30 minutes early thanks to clear skies and a strong tailwind.

During the approach the controller told everyone "180 knot to till 5 mile final". No big deal, just a little more work on the descent.

Well, unbeknownst to me, the plane ahead was a turboprop. Once on with tower we were advised to slow to final approach speed as we were overtaking the aircraft ahead by 70 knots. Nice.

The turboprop cleared the runway while we descended through 1000 feet. Non issue.

Parked the plane at 12:15PM. At 1:10PM I was sitting in the back of a mainline flight for my commute home. Very tired.

Next month my day trip line is gone. The turn is now part of a multiday trip. Once back from the turn the line has the crew flying 2 hours to an overnight. Seven and a half hours of flying that starts with a 5:30AM report time. Seeing as my Captain was getting up at 3:30AM to leave the house by 4AM to make the 90 minute journey to work....that's a long day! I get up at 4:30AM and am dead tired by the time we are back. That's with me going to bed at 9PM the night prior. Early starts are rough.

My wife and daughter picked me up. I had been away for 6 days. A few hours later my mother in law flew in as she is going to watch my daughter while my wife and I escape down to Vegas for a few days. I commute back on Sunday, home for good on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. My last flight of the year will be on Friday evening.

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