Monday, October 11, 2010

Criss Crossing the Country

Busy last couple of days.

Wednesday I blocked in from my turn at 12:10PM. I listed to fly home on a 1:35PM flight.

My plan was to rush back to my hotel room, drop off my kit bag and pick up a few things and dash back to the airport.

I called the hotel at 12:17PM. The shuttles TO the airport run every 15 minutes on top of the hour. I figured the shuttle would just be leaving the hotel. I was told the van was on the way.

I waited. And waited. My "bingo" time was 12:35PM. After that I would not have time to head back to the airport and catch my flight.

That time came and went. Ugh.

I headed to the crew room to drop off my kit bag, grabbed lunch and headed to the gate. Boarding had started before I arrived. I got a decent bulkhead seat. Because I was in a bulkhead I had to stash all of my lunch was in my bag.

After cruise I ate my cold lunch. Eh.

Landed at 4:05PM. Gate at 4:15PM. My wife picked me up at 4:20PM. Off to my allergy doctor.

I get allergy shots once a week. Hard to do as I am based away from home.

Thankfully I had just enough time to take off my uniform pieces (wearing my uniform out and about is against policy) and get my shot.

That night I spent time with my daughter and packed for Disneyland.

Thursday morning we headed to Los Angeles. Open flight, row to ourselves. My daughter even had her own seat.

Disneyland was great. Met up with my sister in laws and my niece. Even though my daughter is just two months, she was able to go on a few rides. I enjoyed spending time with her and see her develop. She spent a lot of time looking around and taking everything in.

After two long days at Disneyland it was time to go home. Flights back were fullish.

We listed on the first flight out. There were no two seats together. My wife got an aisle and I got a middle. Hmm.

I politely asked the man in the asile next to my middle if he would swap with my wife's aisle seat. He begrudeonly agreed. I wasn't in uniform, I was just a guy with a baby.

I "had" to hold my daughter for the flight. No biggie. I enjoyed it. Last week I bought a Kindle....came in handy as I could hold her and the Kindle.

Landed at 1:15PM. Home at 1:55PM. I had enough time to repack my suitcase, eat lunch and reload my Zune before having my wife drive me back to the airport to catch a 3:30PM flight back to my temporary base.

I walked into my hotel room at 8:50PM. Long...but great weekend.

This week I work Monday-Wednesday. I picked up a 3 day trip on overtime on Friday with a report time of 2:30PM. I plan on heading home again at 1:30PM Wednesday and commuting back on an early flight Friday morning. My wife and daughter might come up on Sunday afternoon which works out nicely as I finish my 3 day Sunday morning.

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