Thursday, December 3, 2009

My wife sat airport reserve with me kinda

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I've run out of movies to watch on Netflix while sitting airport reserve. Additionally I've watched all 231 episodes of Diggnation. A few months ago I was reading a book every two weeks. After about 7 books I got tired of reading. Yeah. Pretty boring now a days.

Sat airport reserve last night and tonight. The monotony was broken up for about 30 minutes when my wife passed through.

She is flying out to testify in a court case (she is a DNA Forensic Analyst for a private lab). About once a month she gets the call to fly out. She enjoys this kind of flying as she has a REAL ticket versus or normal standby. She also enjoys being able to wear jeans and a t-shirt instead of the required nicer clothing.

Don't think I'm going anywhere. Only 3 flights left. Everything is running on time. Because my wife is traveling tonight, if I get a flight I have to call the pet sitter to watch her dogs. Going to be interesting when we have a child to watch after as well.

The company my wife works for is holding the annual holiday party December 12th. I was assigned to work airport standby that day.

My request to swap my days around were all denied by crew scheduling. I could either call in sick or play my last card and burn a vacation day from next year. I chose the latter.

After filling out the proper form in the Chief Pilot's office I stopped by and dropped it off. Too my surprise it was approved within an hour. This does mean that next year I only have 13 vacation days. Small price to pay.

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