Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another year almost done

I thought I would fly a lot in December seeing as senior pilots take vacation and/or time out (flying 1000 hours thus far). Nope. I think I have flown 12 hours this month.

Bidding recently closed for next month. Some poor senior First Officer either failed to bid, or bid the normal airport reserve line I normally get. Either way I have a regular reserve line. I am 100% positive I will still end up doing a few days of airport reserve...but at least it won't be everyday.

My wife bought me the UFlyMike setup for Christmas. Right before we went to Japan she bought me a new set of Bose QC15's.  I tried the setup a few days ago during a turn. It was okay. I'm going to have to adjust the microphone bias a bit. They are for surely quieter than my Telex 500 ANR's. Almost as comfortable. Time will tell.

My time as the bottom guy will soon me over. Next year 10 First Officers will be below me. This isn't due to hiring, just movement of pilots. It will be nice to be able to bid and it mean something.

If anyone has any questions feel free to fire them my way at .


  1. Im almost done with my private, but obviously have a ways to go for a job. Do you think airlines will start hiring again within the next few years?

  2. So are they turning more senior pilots into junior pilots?

  3. Yeah they are opening more slots in my status and filling them with pilots junior to me.


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