Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last minute change

I was sitting airport reserve. I was the ONLY First Officer available. Around 4PM I was assigned a 6:45PM overnight. This was a 9 hour overnight which was good as I would get back in time to meet up with my wife as she had a meeting at 9:40AM she wanted me to attend with her. Then at 5:45PM I was called for a 5:20PM departure. I had literally just finished dinner. I walked onto the plane at 5:58PM. The passengers began applauding (they knew I was a subsitute pilot). By 6:03PM I was in the cockpit pushing back.

My hat is at home. This outstation is COLD. Snow cold. I hate snow. Eh. Short overnight. When I get back I was assigned another turn. Won't get done till 12:45PM. Going to miss the meeting with my wife AND lunch with some family that flew into town. Not happy, but it's part of my lifestyle.

Below is a photo I snapped with my phone as the hotel van sloshed it's way from the airport.

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