Friday, October 2, 2009

New personal service from the airlines

Sat airport standby yesterday. Yay!

My mother in law flew in at 3:45.....and boy were her arms tired! My sister in law and niece arrived late at 7:30PM.

Since I was at the airport anyway I met my mother in law at her gate. Once she stepped off the jet bridge I walked up and then escorted her out of the airport to the curb where my wife pulled up right on time. I then loaded her bag into the car and wished them well. A lady sitting on a bench gave me the oddest look as though thinking, "Why is this pilot helping this old lady with her bags to her car? Must be some new personal service." I then went back for 3 more hours of standby.

The standby Captain called in sick. The only way I would be flying is if a First Officer called in sick OR they junior manned another Captain to fly with me.

My sister in law and niece were to arrive at 6:30PM. Due to weather en-route they had to hold.....twice. Her plane finally pulled up to the gate at 7:30PM. I was again waiting at the jet bridge. This time I grabbed the car seat from my sister in law and greeted my 2 1/2 year old niece. She is the smartest 2 1/2 year old in the world. When she was barely 2 she could carry on a conversation with me. Truly gifted! More odd looks, "Why is this pilot helping this single mother with her car seat and child? Must be some new personal service. I bet there is a fee for it though."

I then escorted them both out to my wife and mother in law. Then back to standby. I never got called.

Today I have reserve at home from 10AM till midnight. Once again 2 hour call out. Today is my day 6. The last time they can call me for a turn is 2:45PM for a 5:30PM quick turn. I hope it doesn't happen.

This morning my Home Server took a dump. Gotta fix it. Also getting a new dishwasher installed. Good times.

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