Saturday, October 31, 2009

Airlines: Some Costs They Can't - And Shouldn't - Cut

Really great article on pilot pay. I've had it forced into my head that pilot pay is directly tied to a huge portion of operating cost. Turns out it's all smoke and mirrors.

Today, like most every day, just over 44,000 of the world's most experienced airline pilots employed by the 9 largest airlines in the United States will accept full responsibility for over 1.5 million lives sitting on the other side of their locked cockpit doors. Over the next 24 hours, these pilots will make over 13,500 take-offs literally around the world. Through every imaginable type of weather, they will be in command of over 36,000 hours of flight time. And, if today is like most days, you will never hear or read about even one of those flights.

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