Thursday, October 29, 2009

After 29 hours....a happy ending.

Right now I am cruising at 31,000 feet. Worry not I am not using my laptop while in the cockpit. I am back in the passenger compartment.

I've been on vacation for a little over a week. The benefit of (nearly) unlimited travel is quite possibly the best perk in the world. My wife and I have visited over 20 cities and 4 countries in the last two years I have been at my airline. This has all been directly tied to my travel benefits. Without them we would likely have only flown on two to four flights during that time frame. on average we have taken at least one trip a month since I started. That's a lot of flying.

Our most recent trip started in Asia 27 hours ago. We left our hotel room and made our way to the airport. We've been moving ever since. Between the two of us we have had MAYBE 3 hours sleep.

The first flight was 14 hours long. Once we landed we went home, showered, washed clothes, then headed back to the airport for the current flight.

My latest niece was born three weeks ago. We are taking a quick trip to visit her. I am flying back on Saturday as I go back on reserve on Sunday. I have a little over 48 hours to get rid of the jet lag.

Once I get back I have quite a few manuals to update as well as study up for my recurrent ground school starting on the 4th.

Last year around this time I had my probationary check ride. This year my simulator event is only flight training. Next year it will be another check ride.

The ground school is setup to make sure my knowledge is current as well as introduce new procedures. After the three days of ground I have two weeks until my simulator training.

Today is my second anniversary at my airline. I almost forgot about it (tired doesn't even begin to describe how I feel) until my wife literally just reminded me. I get another pay raise and that's about it. I got a pin last year. I think my next pin is at 5 years.

This post is ending on my brother in laws couch next to my 4 year old niece and my 3 week old niece.

I love my job.

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