Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starting tomorrow...gone for 71 1/2 hours....

So I bid for a 4 day trip starting tomorrow and was awarded the trip. The 4 day trip was my LAST choice. For most flight crew members, 4 day trips are for commuters. Those living in base prefer 2 or 3 day trips as we get more nights at home. Oh least I get to fly.

Below is a schedule for the 4 day trip. Well it's kind of my schedule. I changed the flight numbers and city codes...but the actual flight times are the same. I will use the city codes listed below in explaining my schedule. I also removed extra information such as total flight time, hotel information and ground time (time between flights). The first two letters are the day, the next set of number is the flight number, then there are the city code pairs followed by the departure time and then the arrival time.

FR 931 FAR-PSP 1335 1715

FR 932 PSP-FAR 1745 1940

FR 933 FAR-MSP 2055 2200

D-END: 2215L REPT: 1530L

SA 847 MSP-FAR 1615 1720

SA 173 FAR-GRR 1910 2015

D-END: 2030L REPT: 0500L

SU 491 GRR-FAR 0545 0650

SU 393 FAR-MSP 0725 0825

SU 532 MSP-FAR 0855 1000

SU 137 FAR-MKE 1110 1220

D-END: 1235L REPT: 0515L

MO 500 MKE-FAR 0600 0705

MO 421 FAR-DEN 0750 0935

MO 396 DEN-FAR 1005 1205

D-END: 1220L

TOTALS BLOCK 1800 LDGS: 12 T.A.F.B. 7130

I start tomorrow at 13:35 (1:35PM). I first do a Palm Springs (PSP) turn. The flight arrives in PSP at 17:15 and leaves at 17:45 back to Fargo. Most turns at most regionals is just 30 minutes. When I first started that seemed so fast. Think about it. We have 30 minutes to land, park at the gate, get all the passengers and bags off, clean and restock the plane, fuel up, get all the new passengers and bags on, set the plane up for departure and then actually depart! In just 30 minutes!

After getting back from Palm Springs (PSP), I have an hour and 15 minutes before my flight to Minneapolis St.Paul International Airport for the overnight. My day ends tomorrow night at 22:15 local time in Minneapolis. My day end (D-END) time is always 15 minutes after ACTUAL arrival time. So if we are early we have a longer over night, if we are late...well you get it.

Saturday I spend the day in lovely Minneapolis until 15:30 when my crew should be at the airport for a 16:15 flight back to Fargo. Once we arrive in Fargo we have 1 hour 50 minutes until the departure to Grand Rapids for the overnight. Saturday night my day ends at 20:30. Saturday is a pretty easy day...just 2 legs.

Sunday we wake up early. We have to be at the airport at 05:00 for a 05:45 departure to Fargo. Once we get to Fargo we do a quick Minneapolis turn before heading to Milwaukee for the overnight. Sunday is a 4 leg day ending at a reasonable 12:35.

Monday we start early again, having to be at the airport at 05:15 for a 06:00 departure to Fargo. Once in Fargo we have 45 minutes before doing a Denver turn and being done. I finish Monday at 12:20. Total flight hours is set for 18 hours. There will be a total of 12 landings and I will be away from base for 71 hours 30 minutes.

I looked at the crew I am flying with. I only know the front Flight Attendant. The Captain I believe I have seen before, but never flown with. Something new.

Once I get back Monday I am off the new two days. This is a good thing. My medical runs out May 16th! I made an appointment for a medical exam Tuesday morning. Hmm I need to write a blog about medicals. When I got my first one the doctor scared the crap out of me and charged me an outrageous $195!!!!! Since then I found a better FAA Medical Examiner and only pay $35! More later. I have to run to the airport. I left my overnight bag there...I have no idea if I have 4 days worth of clothes in it.


  1. Is there a company requirement regarding your medical? From the FAA perspective, medicals run out at the end of the month...

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your blog. Best of luck, Diana


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