Friday, May 22, 2009

Just enough seats

My wife and I are visitng her family up in the northwest. The flight here had just enough seats for us. Our backup plan of using my mainline partner to connect to Southwest wasn't needed.

My mother in law thought we were crazy as we discussed our options of getting here. My mother in law had  "real" ticket and thus a real seat. Right before the flight closed out we got 2 of the last 3 seats on the plane. Another employee got the last seat. My wife got a decent aisle seat while I got a window seat in the last row of the plane.

I had to play "carry on cop" and move peoples carry on bags around in the overhead bins. So many passengers carry on two large carry on bags and store them both over head. Also they put smaller bags that could easily fit under their seats in the overhead bins. Yesterday there was a lady with TWO comforters in the plastic bags which had a bunch of other personal items walking infront of me. I politely told her one of those needed to go under the seat in front of her. Since I was in uniform, she complied with my request.

After finding room for my wifes carry on I had to move more stuff around for my carry on.

Once I found my seat I realized I had one snack bar for the multi-hour flight! As is common now, my airline sells food on board. During the service I attempted to buy a snack, but the flight attendant refused my money and gave it to me gratis. Nice.

Going to enjoy the day. I'll get back with answers to some of the comments left a little later.

My wife and I love our non-rev benefits. Being able to travel and see friends and family whenever we want is awesome. This is especially important with my in laws as they are spread out between both coast of the United States!

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