Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to work

Tomorrow is my first day back in 8 days. I have enjoyed my time off. In addition to doing absolutely nothing (like today!), I traveled with my wife to her home to visit her side of the family. I am very relaxed and have no desire to go back to work!

As it stands now, next month I am still the most junior pilot in my status. Next month I have a straight reserve line. On days where both morning and afternoon airport standby shifts are covered, I will either sit at home with full pay or go fly. I am a betting man and will bet that I will be sent to another base for flying at least once next month. Probably more than that.

Tomorrow morning....morning airport standby.

I put in request to move my days around next month. My wifes cousin is getting married and we would like at attend. She works a "normal" job and can get the days off (its over a weekend). All of my request to move my days around were denied....due to staffing levels. The reason? My airline doesn't have enough pilots. Nice.

Hopefully I can resubmit it later and get it approved.

Time to pack. Leaving the house early tomorrow morning.


  1. Glad to know u will flying tomorrow.. missing updates :))

    Hey i was wondering how many flying hours the company has guaranteed you per month and actually how many total flying hours u get in a year in reality?

    I think the max you guys can take is 1000 hrs per year... do they push u to this limit?

    Which is the best sector to join to get the max flying hours in short time?

    Regionals, Mainline, corporate, flight schools as CFI or charter services like airtaxi etc? I know this question sounds crazy.. :))

  2. oh i just found a post.... answering many of my previous question: btw it's also a nice pilot blog:


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