Thursday, July 3, 2014

What a difference a month makes

I saw my wife and daughter every day in June. Quite a feat for an airline pilot.

This was of course due to my schedule. I did Continuous Duty Overnights meaning I had one flight out and one flight back with a few hours in a hotel in between. I was tired every now and then but it was nice to see them.

My daughter was a little thrown off as she was to me being gone whenever I put on my uniform.

This month I will be gone more as I have three 4 day trip sequences and one 3 day trip sequence.

I loathe 4 day trips especially inefficient 4 day trips.

Here are my trips:

4 day trip starting on July 2 - Starts 11:30AM Wednesday and finishes at 4PM Saturday worth 18 hours.

4 day trip starting on July 9 - Starts at 12:40PM Wednesday and finishes at 8PM Saturday worth 22 hours.

3 day trip starting on Jul 21 - Starts at 12PM Monday and finishes at 2PM Wednesday worth 18 hours.

4 day trip starting on July 3 - Starts at 7:15AM Thursday and finishes Sunday worth 21 hours.

I consider anything under 21 hours on a 4 day inefficient. My one 3 day trip is equal to an entire 4 day trip. I would rather fly than sit in hotel rooms.

I wanted 3 day trips weekends on in July, but couldn't hold them. There weren't many lines built that way. I'm still bidding in the top 25% in base.

My wife is a little happy with me being gone a little more as she had her own routine while I was on a trip. Since I was home everyday it through her off. With me being gone she can keep the house a little more organized.

Beyond that everything is status quo. We did get a new car over the weekend. A Nissan Leaf for the wife. My electric car (BMW I3) is still on order. The Geek in me can't wait.

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  1. Pilot's schedules, from the major feeders like yours, to the majors and even the very most senior guys (and gals) flying a long but lite international schedule for a flag carrier - is complicated. We read about duty hours, paid hours, logbook flying hours and all of the bitches and family issues in between. As much as you apparently hate the basic conditions of your employment, I gather that you still enjoy FLYING and wish to continue doing so. Gawd knows that you are not alone; the only regional pilots who do not feel abused are those senior captains who - years ago - chose to screw potential opportunities with the majors in favor of seniority at a comfortable base where they had made their home, no need to commute, a substantial - but not Grand salary and far more than average time with their family and community. I tough choice for a few, perhaps, but I've heard of few who have regretted it.
    Every younger pilot on the way up certainly wants to fly the the largest, most complex airplane available. Some of the seriously smarter ones, with major devotion to spouse and kid(s) also find great comfort in living near their base (no commuting), acquiring enough seniority to literally command their own schedules and - a more than satisfactory income. Different strokes for different folks. I guess one has to evaluate both family welfare and the wish for that huge, but increasingly rare salary. I cannot help but note your continuous comments about family, your spouse and daughter and the importance of time spent with them. As the industry goes through yet another shakeout, I guess you'll have to continue considering what is important to you - and to your family.
    It sounds like you are within a year of making left seat with your line. Wanna stay comfortable, based ~at home and earn a good, but not triumphant living? That in-base, senior Captain seat for a wholly-owned feeder is not a horrible idea. Single, who cares and young enough to build seniority from the bottom - again, perhaps a move to the major is OK. Ahem... Last I heard, you had a busy spouse, a busy daughter that needs her Dad. I don't sear your shoes, but if I did, I'd be seriously happy with what I already had - and would be focused on making it even better. Friend "Geek," you are just not young enough to make another jump, but more than comfortable enough to make the left seat move, maintain your comfort zone and do extremely well. Money is nice, but QOL is even nicer and I think you already know that. Best wishes... -CG


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