Friday, March 14, 2014

I carry some great passengers

I'm pretty sure I've been given this note once before. Really nice to know some passengers care.


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  1. Mr. Taylor makes excellent points. The only improvement that comes to mind is simply not flying. For most of us that is not a viable option.
    You may love your job, hate your employment conditions etc., but when you sit in that seat and drive my airplane, I have to believe that you are sober, well rested and offering your best professional services. I have to believe that! Since the vast majority of your profession performs to those standards, I'm confident enough, every time I place my life in your hands. Consider the definition of the word, 'professional.' when you have a moment. ATP-qualified pilots certainly meet those tests, yet it becomes a personal obligation to meet them Every Time You Fly. To you and your colleagues who do, thank you. I second Mr. Taylor's thoughts. I'll bet that his card made your day. -C.


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