Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best month ever

I've been at my airline for 78 months. For most of those months I've been paid just monthly guarantee. Every now and then I'd pick up extra flying, but with a wife whom travels and a kiddo, there's not much extra time.

March was a good month. My line was originally 73 hours. I traded the trips around to get to 80 hours. I then picked up three turns worth 5 hours each. Each of those turns was on a day the airline was short on staffing (pilot shortage??) thus I was paid an extra premium.

After all said and done I will fly 88 hours but get paid for 104 hours. It gets really complicated due to dead heads and such, but it will be a good month. I will gross at least $4700 for March. Not bad, but far from the norm. I do think this summer could be "better" and "worse" as I predict very tight staffing.

In other news another Captain bid was recently posted....but none for my base. I'm putting in a bid for my base on the off chance enough Captains in my base transfer out and they refill their seats.

If it happens great...if not...eh.

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