Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's my time worth?

That last trip was tiring. I deiced more in that trip than I have all year. Deicing is a tedious process. I'm sure most know about deicing, but in case you don't...it's a messy job.

The fluid used is very thick...gel like. The good deicers will keep the fluid off the windshield. Most though don't care or know how and douse the windshield. Once the windows are covered we have a dilemma; wipe away the fluid and leave the window full or streaks or live with the fluid and wait for it to slide off. Sometimes we have no choice and wipe most of the time though we live with it. During the takeoff roll the fluid streams up the windows. The fluid is still in gel form even climbing through FL280 with -30 degrees air temp. It's thick stuff.

That fluid gets into every nook and cranny. I've pre-flighted aircraft after they sat for hours on the ramp....hours still after being de-iced...and fluid still drips from the tail, gear, wings etc.

My next 4 day starts tomorrow. Pretty busy 20 hour 4 day trip as it's a 5-2-4-3. I don't like five leg days....but I do them every now and then as it's the only option.

For my trip next week I'm in a pickle.

Most of the time I have the same Captain the entire trip. I normally just check the Captain on the first leg. As long as they aren't reserve I assume the Captain won't change.

Well next week there is a Captain that I don't care to work with on the middle portion of the trip...about 12 hours of flying. I'm pondering trading out of the trip into one that starts a day earlier, but is worth 1 hour 50 minutes less. At my pay rate that's about $82. Eh. What's my time worth?


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