Thursday, February 13, 2014

The line has been drawn

Yesterday another regional airline, American Eagle (soon to be Envoy), voted against lowering the bar further for Professional Airline Pilots.

Management demanded the pilots take concessions to "fly larger aircraft". This is ludicrous. Management wanted the pilots to fly larger more efficient aircraft (which generate more revenue) for less money than the currently make to fly smaller aircraft. Does anyone come to work expecting to make less money? No.

Management was very insistent that if the pilots voted concessions down the airline would be "Comaired".....liquidated.

I am very proud of the pilots of American Eagle (soon to be Envoy) of taking a stand. The corporation that owns the airline has $10 BILLION dollars in the bank.....yet they need concessions. American Airlines employees all came out of bankruptcy making more money. Asking for concessions is inexcusable. Especially given the lack of pilots willing to work for the low wages already paid by regional airlines like American Eagle. There are a lot of pilots out there who meet the requirements, but they are happy flying freight or private jets.

Below is a letter sent to the American Eagle Pilots by their Union.

Fellow Pilots:

The Master Executive Council of the American Eagle Pilot’s Union, the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), voted today to reject management’s recent concessionary proposal. The company proposal would have given American Airlines Group (AAG) contract concessions in return for refleeting American Eagle Airlines with new Embraer 175 jets.

Company representatives made it clear that should the pilots and management fail to reach a deal, the company will not entertain future negotiations. Negotiators for AAG also stated numerous times that if a deal fails to be ratified, American Eagle Airlines will be downsized continually until it is small enough to liquidate.

Captain William Sprague, Chairman of the pilot’s union had this to say: “The vote today was about the future of Eagle pilots and the regional airline pilot profession. The pilots negotiated and signed a concessionary agreement during the recent bankruptcy, and management asked us soon after AAG exited bankruptcy for additional, significant concessions. Our pilots decided they were not willing to work for less than the company is already paying our peers. We will now begin the process of assisting our pilots in identifying alternative career options within the industry.”

During the coming days, ALPA will be working with the American Eagle pilots to help them find placement with other airlines. ALPA representatives will ask management for their timetable regarding the liquidation of American Eagle. Stay engaged as we move forward. The need for unity is more critical now than any other time in our history.

John Gardner, Chairman

EGL ALPA Communications Committee

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  1. Good for those pilots taking a stand... Horrible position to be put into.. Take less money or we will stab you in the back AND you will be out of a job... Good luck to all you pilots...


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