Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well this could be interesting

Had a great vacation. I snuck out of the country for a few days by myself.

When I originally bid for this vacation we were not planning on buying a house. Once we decided to buy a house I tried to rebid the vacation as I knew we would be selling our current house during this time. Somehow there wasn't a single block of vacation available to trade with for the rest of the year.

Lucky for my family listing and showing our current house went quickly. We listed the house on a Sunday and had our first offer Monday morning. It was for $5000 under asking. We were okay with the offer as we needed to lease back to house until our new one was ready. Then Tuesday we got another offer for full listing price. Wow. Done!

Since the house was taken care of, and I had the time off anyway, I headed out of the country for a few days. Nothing spectacular. My family stayed home since I was only gone for a short bit.

My line this month is 4 identical 4 day trips. The first week I had off due to vacation.

I don't really like the trip as it leaves my base on day 1 and doesn't return until day 4. I like going in and out of my base because if there is a cancellation I can go home. It is what it is.

My trip started with a 5:30PM sign in. Since I had been out for a while, I arrived early to update my charts.

Met my crew in the plane. My Captain is new to me. I jokingly told him I'd been off for almost 2 weeks so keep an eye on me. He then told me he hasn't flown since February and I should keep an eye on him.

He took the first leg. I took the next two.

My first landing, after having not flown for a while, is always a little bleh. Sure enough it was a little rough. It didn't help that I had my seat a little lower than normal.

It's going to be a bit of a busy next 30 days. Over that time I will bid for a new month of flying, close on my current house, close on my new house and move. Still thinking of my bidding strategy for June. I'm pondering bidding reserve in hopes of not being called. I've got a few days to decide.

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