Monday, May 27, 2013

And now...something completely different

I got my schedule for's something I've never done before. I could love it...or REALLY hate it.

For June I will primarily be working 2 day back to backs. One perk is I'm home more often. One negative is I drive to and from the airport more often.

My first trip of the month is a 3 day trip Monday-Wednesday. The rest of the month (for now...I might trade around) I fly two day trips. I start a two day trip on Sunday and finish on Monday. I then go back on Tuesdays and finish on Wednesdays. This works because I live close to the airport. If I lived far away or was a commuter it would be disastrous as I'd spend a lot of time and money going to and from or would be paying for hotel rooms.

The driving is what most concerns me. True I live less than 10 miles from the airport...and drive a Prius....but it's still driving.

I had a great weekend in San Francisco. We were there for a funeral for my grandmother in law, but made the best of it. We went to a Giants game, hung out with family and visited the Tech Museum in San Jose.

My daughter learned two new airplane types while waiting at the airport. She already knew 777,737, and ERJ. She learned the term Airbus and MD80. She can't tell the difference yet, but will point and say one of the types she knows.

Little more than 2 weeks left in my current house. I'm happy I was able to bid around the closing dates for both houses. I might trade around a bit to have more time off after the move though.

Enough for now. Time to pack up and prep for my last 4 day trip for a while. Same trip from the last two weeks.  I have no hope of it going maybe it will?

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