Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hanging out at the Wingate....again

I blame my flight attendant.

When I flew this trip two weeks ago we had weather cancellations and an aborted takeoff.

This week we had massive weather cancellations...but no aborted takeoff....yet.

All my flying on day 2 was cancelled due to weather. All day spent in the Wingate.

Today I was supposed to fly two to base and one to a different overnight.

Supposed to.

I woke up and had the same breakfast I had yesterday. If I ever need a new career I make a PERFECT Belgian waffle.

After breakfast I noticed the second leg was pulled off as weather would delay my first flight. I let my wife know I would be home tonight and could pick up my daughter from daycare. She let me daughter know the good news and both were very excited.

Originally had a 10:50AM van.

There was a huge line of weather moving across the country.


My Captain called and said the new van time was 11:25AM. Then later it moved to 12:10PM. Then 12:55PM. Then 1:15PM. That last one stuck.

I let my wife know I would not be able to pick up my daughter as she would be done with work before I landed.

To make matters worse the morning kick off flight was delayed due to a mechanical. The next flight was ours. The inbound plane had 2 mechanics on board to fix the issue. Lots of upset passengers waiting around.

Finally in the van. Two and a half days at the Wingate was enough. I pack a few meals and was happy to have them to avoid going out in the rain.

Fairly easy flight. Lots of constant light turbulence. Fought a 150 knot headwind. Landed 3 hours late.

Happy to be home and live in base.

My Captain commutes, he headed off to a hotel.

We all go back tomorrow for a quick 2 hour turn.

I like the's a decent hotel.....but I am happy my February has zero overnights at a Wingate....oh and I will have a different flight attendant too!

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