Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hanging out at the Wingate

On day 2 of a 4 day.

Day 1 was three legs.

The first flight was just 88 miles long. Yep 88 miles....straight line distance between the two airports.

If one were to hop in a car and drive it would take roughly 90 minutes.

The flight was blocked for 50 minutes. Of course a passenger has to be at the gate 30 minutes prior...plus security and what not. I know most passengers are passing through the airport....but seriously....88 miles.

We blocked out at 5:30PM...5 minutes late. The wheels left the ground at 5:48PM and touched back down at 6:09PM. Climbed to a whole 11,000 feet. Blocked in at 6:13PM....3 minutes late.

With a lightening fast 21 minute turn we blocked out at 6:34PM and left the ground at 6:39 PM.  Slight delays on arrival put us back on the ground at 7:03PM and into the gate at 7:13PM.....17 minutes early.

Hour sit.

Flight to the overnight was delayed as the inbound plane was late. Blocked out at 8:47PM instead of 8:25PM.

Weather at the overnight was foggy. Reporting just 1/2 SM visibility and overcast 300. We had two alternates.

My leg. Smooth flight. ILS approach.

Clearing 500 feet AGL...nothing. My Captain asked tower to have the lights on full brightness. They already were. Major temperature inversion and winds.

At 500 feet the outside temp was 17 degrees C and we had a 37 knot tailwind. The temperature at the surface was 6 degrees and winds were only 11 knots.

At 400...nothing but clouds. My left hand gripped the thrust levers a little tighter and I put my pinky and thumb over the go around buttons.

"Approaching Minimums" announced the GPWS as we passed through 300 feet AGL.

Nothing by clouds.

"Approach lights in sight, continue," stated my Captain around 250 feet AGL.

"Continuing" I replied and clicked off the autopilot.

"Minimums! Minimums!" announced the GPWS.

"Runway in sight 12, O'clock." said my Captain.

"Going visual, landing." I replied.

I looked up from the dark flight deck to see a blinding set of runway lights ahead.

Slight quartering tailwind. Decent landing and done.

Long overnight.

Supposed to have had a 10:55AM van and 4 legs today.


The inbound flight cancelled. Scheduling pulled the first 3 flights off my schedule.

My crew was to dead head on the 5:50PM flight and connect to our 8:20PM overnight.

Well there were more delays. As of now all I do today is dead head home. Tomorrow I pick up my trip with a 10:20AM departure and 3 legs.

So much for having a record 91 hour line.

With the 4 legs pulled today and 1 for tomorrow I'm down to 82 hours. I still get 91 hours pay though....so there is that.

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