Thursday, December 27, 2012

Made it home

After realizing I wouldn't make it home, I made my way to the hotel bar and met up with on my of my cabin crew. They were brand new and confused about what was going on scheduling wise and what they needed to do. I gave them a crash course on reserve.

While chatting a UPS crew sat next to us for dinner. I mentioned my  issue getting home. They offered a ride to Louisville and then I could connect there for a flight home. I thanked them and would have used that option if the plane for the next morning had not made it in.

I went to bed early.

Around 11PM my phone rang. It was my wife, the fire alarm at the house was going off. Me being a geek I have the entire house wired up with security cameras. I VPN'd into my house took a look. No fire or smoke visible.

Fire Department came. Apparently we have a faulty smoke detector. They are all wired together so when one goes off, they all go off.

By the time they got there the alarm stopped. After looking around they left.

Two hours later my wife called again. Alarm going off. I searched online for a way to disable them. She finally found a ladder and begin taking them down. She knew when she found the faulty one as the other alarms stopped.

After that I didn't sleep well.....nor did she.

I woke up at 5AM. I caught a 5:40 AM van to the airport with two other airline crews.

Departure was set for 7AM.

The plane had a MEL'd APU. The ground power unit wasn't working properly. A mess.

Delayed. Finally able to start an engine. Then it started snowing.

The only way out for me was on the jump seat. I took it.

Then they had a problem with performance. For whatever reason there wasn't enough performance for runway 21, the runway in use. They could use runway 3....if they burned off 200 pounds. Not an issue since we had to deice.

Deiced and away we went. Two plus inches on every taxi way.

Runway braking action was reported poor. Aborting would not be a good idea.

Thankfully the takeoff was smooth.

Two hours later I walked off the plane and outside to my wife who was waiting for me.

Kinda crappy I spent 2 days in a hotel....two days I should have been at home. As is I have just tomorrow off before I head back for a 3 day trip Saturday.

Happy to be home.

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