Tuesday, October 9, 2012


One thing I really like about my job....being flexible.

Most professional people (like my wife!) work Monday-Friday. If you have kids you know most Doctors and Dentist for kids are open....Monday-Friday.

My daughter's second dentist visit was yesterday at 11AM. Lucky for me I work Tuesday evenings thru Friday afternoons. I had the day off.

I enjoy having weekdays and weekends off. Getting things done is much easier on weekdays. I can take care of my daughters health, my cars health and the health of my home...all without taking a day off work.

This months schedule isn't the best for me. One of the worst of the month. I start my trips Tuesdays at 4:3oPM and finish Fridays at 4:45PM. Yup 4 day trips.

I do the same trip every week for the rest of the month. It's a 3-2-2-5 trip worth 19.5 hours.

The first night is a reduced rest overnight. Just 8.5 hours of "rest". I don't care for it and I've tried trading this trip sequence for the rest of the month, but there is nothing to trade with.

The next two overnights are each 18 hours.....in small three horse towns. They were one horse towns, but the horse met another horse...had a kid. Hmmm yeah I'll keep my day job as a pilot instead of a comedian.

This site might be unstable the next two days. I'm moving web host. It could be seamless....but it likely won't.

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